Kevin's Lincoln Highway

"I came to feel that the old Lincoln Highway will always be a brother to me."
-Kevin Kutz

Kevin Kutz's Lincoln HighwayFor more than four decades, Kevin has painted extensively along the Lincoln Highway, documenting sweeping vistas, quirky roadside architecture, and slices of rural and urban American life. Twenty-five years worth of paintings and drawings, along with Kevin's insights on each piece, are featured in the book Kevin Kutz's Lincoln Highway: Paintings and Drawings, now out of print. A few copies are still available through Amazon. To purchase Kevin's book, Kevin Kutz's Lincoln Highway: Paintings and Drawings, please click here.

The non-profit Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor is committed to education, preservation, and conservation along the south-central Pennsylvania portion of the Lincoln Highway. Click the link to learn more about the organization, and, of course, the Lincoln Highway. "Keep Thinkin' Lincoln!"