Paintings, etc.

"Pitt Street"
Oil on panel
48" x 48" (plus frame)

Pitt Street Painting

"Winter Creek"
Oil on canvas
45" x 55"
An early oil study of mine, done in the 1970s, ended up for sale at a local frame shop. I bought it back in order to repaint a larger version and step up the color using acrylics. While delivering the two paintings to an exhibit in Cumberland, Maryland a few years ago, the smaller, early study disappeared. I did not report the theft to authorities and only exhibited the large acrylic. I figure if someone's life is so miserable that they have to steal ART, then may it brighten their existence. If it has been hawked off at a Fleatique dealer, then maybe someday it will find its way to a righteous wall and be enjoyed.

Winter Creek

"Ship Hotel Gas Station"
20" x 20" framed

Ship Hotel Gas Station

"Penn Street with Courthouse and Church"
22" x 18" framed

Penn Street with Courthouse and Church

"Crooked Steeple"
20" x 14" framed

Crooked Steeple

"Jennerstown Church"
14" x 14" framed

Jennerstown Church

"West Virginia/Rembrandt"
Mixed Media (reversible)
5' x 5'

West Virginia/Rembrandt
West Virginia/Rembrandt

"Queen City"
Oil on panel
48" x 36"

Queen City

"South Elementary"
Oil on canvas
20" x 30"

South Elementary

"General Admission"
3D mixed media assemblage
48" x 60"

General Admission

"Civic Arena 1"
Ink on paper
28" x 30" framed

Civic Arena 1

"Civic Arena 2"
Ink on paper, drawn on a windy day before demolition
28" x 30" framed

Civic Arena 2

"Hula Hooping"
Oil on panel
50" x 24"

Hula Hooping

"Altoona Giclee"
Digital print on canvas
16" x 16" mounted, unframed

Altoona Giclee

"Mary's Glen"
Acrylic on watercolor paper
24" x 32"

Mary's Glen

"West Virginia Fiddler" (Marshall Cottrell)
Hand-pulled woodcut print
22" x 18"

West Virginia Fiddler