Paintings, etc.

"Pitt Street"
Oil on panel
48" x 48" (plus frame)
Painted from life atop the Ridenour Building in Bedford, Pennsylvania, this painting has been featured in articles and publications, and has received Best of Show awards. Until now, it has not been for sale.

Pitt Street Painting

"Kaaterskill Falls"
Oil on fragmented panels
40" x 48"

Kaaterskill Falls

"Winter Creek"
Oil on canvas
45" x 55"
An early oil study of mine, done in the 1970s, ended up for sale at a local frame shop. I bought it back in order to repaint a larger version and step up the color using acrylics. While delivering the two paintings to an exhibit in Cumberland, Maryland a few years ago, the smaller, early study disappeared. I did not report the theft to authorities and only exhibited the large acrylic. I figure if someone's life is so miserable that they have to steal ART, then may it brighten their existence. If it has been hawked off at a Fleatique dealer, then maybe someday it will find its way to a righteous wall and be enjoyed.

Winter Creek

"Ship Hotel Gas Station"
20" x 20" framed

Ship Hotel Gas Station

"Penn Street with Courthouse and Church"
22" x 18" framed

Penn Street with Courthouse and Church

"Crooked Steeple"
20" x 14" framed

Crooked Steeple

"Jennerstown Church"
14" x 14" framed

Jennerstown Church

"West Virginia/Rembrandt"
Mixed Media (reversible)
5' x 5'

West Virginia/Rembrandt
West Virginia/Rembrandt

"Queen City"
Oil on panel
48" x 36"

Queen City

"South Elementary"
Oil on canvas
20" x 30"

South Elementary

"General Admission"
3D mixed media assemblage
48" x 60"

General Admission

"Civic Arena 1"
Ink on paper
28" x 30" framed

Civic Arena 1

"Civic Arena 2"
Ink on paper, drawn on a windy day before demolition
28" x 30" framed

Civic Arena 2

"Hula Hooping"
Oil on panel
50" x 24"

Hula Hooping

"Interstate Exit America" (Altoona)
Ink and watercolor
28" x 22" unframed

Civic Arena 2

"Altoona Giclee"
Digital print on canvas
16" x 16" $100
48" x 48" $500

Altoona Giclee

"Mary's Glen"
Acrylic on watercolor paper
24" x 32"

Mary's Glen

"West Virginia Fiddler" (Marshall Cottrell)
Hand-pulled woodcut
22" x 18"

West Virginia Fiddler

"View of Turtle Creek from the Westinghouse Bridge"
Ink on paper, from life
22" x 28"

View of Turtle Creek from the Westinghouse Bridge